flash1 (14)Relaxing treatment of the feet,that helps to rebalance and boost the bodies immune system. Free consultation is given with the 1st treatment, please allow 1 hour to enjoy this wonderful session.

*After many years of experience with this treatment i have found my own improved technique adding to the healing ability… Making this therapy very holistic and rewarding to the client by helping the client to self heal.





flash1 (7)With the use of Etheric Weavers, you can heal on all levels, repairing holes in the Energy Field.

*The etheric weavers have been made in tibet by buddist monks and aligned to the buddha maitreya frequency giving self healing whilst listening to a buddha maitreya soul therapy meditation cd, this greatly enhances the treatment.

They de-crystallize negative patterns and truly heal mind,body and emotions through healing and revitalizing the etheric field.

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