Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

flash1 (14)*This complete treatment [QHHT], covers everything needed in just one 4hr session, you will leave feeling refreshed and free from whatever is bothering you, this amazing therapy was invented by the world renowned Dolores Cannon, she has trained me to follow in her footsteps, so you will get a thorough hypnotherapy healing, after a detailed interview, you will then experience going back to find the root cause for the problem you came with, then all your questions will be answered that you came to find out about and need to know, so you can then heal instantly and go forward without you problem, illness, phobia, infact anything can be worked upon and removed from your body or mind so you can fully restore your health and well being…simply awesome!

A CD recording of the session is also included so you can listen to your session again to reconfirm the healings taken place.

A deposit is required to secure your booking, then you pay the rest on the day.

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