Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

This complete one off…four hour session can change your life in just this short time. Firstly you are taken back to a possible past life, this is purely to gain information from.
From entering, seeing and leaving the past life you then can have questions asked to your subconscious mind, you actually bring them with you in fact!, so you have a chance to cover everything thats bothering you, from illnesses, life problems, feeling uneasy in your skin, in-fact anything that’s a concern. Healing can then take place, this occurs instantaneously whilst you lay comfortable on the therapy couch, so you’re fully supported during the whole session. This work is completely safe, it’s recorded for your own use and I find it completely unbelievable. I feel honoured to have trained with the late great Dolores Cannon and I never know what will unfold during a session, I find this intriguing and it keeps my mind fully open to the constant learning shown and given, never ceasing to bore me. This in turn makes amazing therapy! Forever changing just like time and life actually is for us all, together with the help of the Universe. Dolores was streets ahead of her time, and I thank her for showing me the way forward, this being my main purpose to help people through QHHT.

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