Holistic Hypnotherapist

flash1I started out in the field of holisitic therapies over 30 years ago and having several International Diplomas to my name, I practiced my skills by both travelling the world and teaching in Colleges, to pass on my knowledge.

Begining my own business in the early 90’s, which continues to this day at my current private practice, I grew from working with holistics to helping clients on a Psychology level, to enhance the clients own healing abilities.

I began training in Deep Memory Process with Roger Woolger over 14 years ago now, this form of Regression Therapy had excellent results with Traumer on many levels, both Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually, the client would receed back to a time when the traumer began. This work inspired me so much, that I began my journey into the field of Hypnotherapy.

I then went onto training with Stephen Brooks, over 8 years ago, upto Masters Level in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, being based on the works of Milton H Erickson.

In 2012, I started training with the renowed Dolores Cannon, in Quantum Healing Hypnosis [QHHT], upto Advanced Level. This methodology is healing through Regression whilst in deep trance, so much is achieved and available in these remarkable sessions.

Following on…I then trained in the Blast Technique, upto Advanced Level… being an updated version of EMDR.

Then finally onto training with Terence Watts, in Brain Working Recursive Therapy [BWRT], upto Advanced Level and now onto Level 3.
This latest methodology has an excellent track record for results, working on many conditions, gaining the shift needed to move on.

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