Holistic Psychotherapist

flash1Starting out in the field of Holistic Therapies over some 30 yrs ago, I practised my skills travelling World wide and taught in various Colleges, to pass on my knowledge and experience.

Early 1990’s, I formed my own business and it still continues today, in two centres… being Honeybourne, Worc’s Nr Cotswolds, and where it all began in Solihull.
My work developed over the years from Holistic Therapies into healing through Hypnosis. I discovered that this was the only way to make lasting changes on every level.
Initially I trained with Dr Roger Woolger, about 15yrs ago, he specialised in Healing Past Lives, and wrote books on the subject.
Roger founded and constantly researched Deep Memory Process(DMP) to the end of his life. He’s training inspired me so much, throwing me into Counselling and then Hypnotherapy Training, today I still use the skills when working in the spirit realms from DMP.
I was recommended to train with Stephen Brooks, about 9 yrs ago, due to Ericksonian Hypnotherapy being compatible with my other trainings to date. He was training at Roehampton University at the time, I then went on to completing my Masters in Thailand, where Stephen lives.
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is based on the works of the American psychiatrist and psychologist Milton H Erickson, he specialised in medical hypnosis and family Therapy.

In 2012, I began my training with Dolores Cannon in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and went onto achieving my Advanced Level 2.
This methodology I choose to use for all my clients requiring Past Life work. In fact I found it to be the icing on the cake in Regression Therapy. Questions and Answers plus amazing healing is obtained in just one session, quite short of miraculous!

Following on…I trained in The Blast Technique (EMDR) in 2014, with Nick Davis gaining Advanced Level 2, and a Life Coaching Diploma.
This methodology I use a great deal with my clients, it works amazingly well on trauma and many other issues.
The results have been extraordinary!

In 2017 my training began with Terence Watts, in Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) gaining my Advanced Level 2, and Level 3 is nearing completion, bringing me up to date right now.
BWRT is a methodology that’s possible to apply Level 1 online, helping me to reach out to people that can’t attend my practice.
Many conditions and issues can be worked through.
This is a great advantage World Wide.

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